Take a deep BREATH....


BreathCafe© offers a unique online platform to relax and replenish your body and mind through conscious breathing


With just the click of a few buttons and the choice to put a few minutes aside for yourself, you can take control of your physical, mental and emotional health and experience deep stillness.


Our sessions offer you an opportunity to learn how to breathe optimally and to apply a vast range of breathing styles from world class practitioners in the comfort of your own space.

   You will learn techniques to:

  • Optimize your breathing post COVID-19

  • Take control of anxiety

  • Manage your energy

  • Break the burnout cycle

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Boost your immune system

  • Release trauma

Our classes run weekly on the following days (times in GMT +2):

  • Mon 06h30 – 07h15

  • Tues 09h00 - 09h15

  • Wed 17h30 – 18h15

  • Thurs 08h00 – 08h45

  • Sun 08h00 – 08h45 

  • Sun 16h00 - 16h45

Monthly Masterclass on the last Saturday 15h00 - 17h00


What is conscious breathing?

Conscious breathing is simply the practice of breathing with awareness, intention and attention to our inner experience, in the present moment.

Conscious breathing practices can vary in duration, intensity and purpose. They can be as simple as a few minutes’ exercise to promote mental focus and relaxation, or they can last for an hour or more, creating altered states of consciousness and a deeply personal therapeutic process.

Used regularly, conscious breathing can help people develop the skill of relaxation, even in challenging situations.

Conscious breathing can be practiced by all ages in all circumstances including; at school, the workplace, sports, and during periods of stress.

Book a single session or purchase a Membership to get the benefit of attending ALL our scheduled classes including the monthly Masterclass. 


Our Community Opens
Their Hearts  

"Participating in BreathCafe regularly has raised my consciousness, and supported my physical and mental health in such a profound way that it should be experienced to be understood! The BreathCafe community anchors me in a safe harbour where I can share my experience of how my whole-health connected to my breath. BreathCafe nurtures a friendship with breath; wherever I find myself, whatever the circumstances, unfailingly present with me."

"BreathCafe holds me in a  space of deep compassion with no judgment. Where I am learning various breathing techniques to support and nourish me as a whole. It supports me physically, emotionally and mentally especially where fear and anxiety creeped too often into my life. I am very  grateful for BreathCafe practitioners who give their time, energy and share their gifts - in supporting me and others by breathing back home, returning to my inner self where all is well."

“BreathCafe has been a fantastic addition to our lives and has really complemented our other consciousness practices like yoga and meditation. Attending BreathCafe regularly has also really helped in handling the current stressful and uncertain environment we find ourselves in. The team behind BreathCafe are quite special and each practitioner offers a different perspective and experience.”



Uresen & Melissa

Our Story so far...


We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response we've had to BreathCafe© over the last few months. Our online platform has reached a global audience that supports and grows together with us.


We are excited to be part of a worldwide realisation of the power of breathwork.

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