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A gift of wellbeing for your work team

Our sessions cater for both individuals and work teams and cover a wide range of themed breathing techniques and deeply restorative experiences. This in turn translates into improved sleep, greater focus and concentration, more energy, less anxiety, reduced stress, deeper meaning, and open-hearted resilience.


With mental and emotional health becoming a crisis, breathwork offers a practical and scientifically validated methodology to our own internal resources. It is a lifestyle practice simple enough for anyone to access and powerful enough to have an immediate effect. At the same time, it is an investment to support you and your team’s sustainable health.


In recent months, we have seen a huge move within organisations to support their people with tools that are meaningful, sustainable, community orientated, and practical. BreathCafe™ was created as a response to this great need for wellbeing tools and resources.

BreathCafe™ has worked with companies like Anglo American, Nelson Mandela Foundation, New Frame, RMB, South South North, Silica, Discovery Health, PKF Octagon, Students for a Better Life, SA Cities, Nala Media and Lenmed, among others.

We know that self-care takes practice, consistency, and support. The team at BreathCafe™ is committed to providing a professional yet warm online oasis for continued learning, connection, and wellbeing.

Sessions are offered weekly from Jan 2022 (GMT +2):


Mondays:  06h30 to 07h00

Thursdays:  20h00 to 20h30

For unlimited access to at least 8 sessions a month and a 2-hour Breathwork Masterclass, BreathCafe™ is offering organisations the following packages:

  • 5 to 20 employees, a monthly fee of R3 000.00

  • 21 to 40 employees, a monthly fee of R5 000.00

  • 40+ employees, a monthly fee of R8 000.00.

Membership discounts are available for 3, 6 or 9 months.

Contact: or 082 561 3637


White Feather

The Breathwork session with our team was a beautiful way to support our staff during a global pandemic, giving them both knowledge and skills for self-relaxation. The team liked it so much that they have asked for regular sessions to assist them and our beneficiaries!

White Branch

Attending BreathCafe™ regularly has really helped in handling the current stressful and uncertain environment in which we find ourselves. The team behind BreathCafe™ are quite special and each practitioner offers a different perspective and experience - we really look forward to the sessions every week and after almost 3 months of BreathCafe™ we still walk away from each session feeling like it was its own unique, beautiful experience.

Abstract Structure

BreathCafe™ gives me agency in my daily life; my breath’s impact on my biological reactivity strengthens as I practice regularly. I continue to gain a better understanding of how my whole body interacts with stimulation; emotional and environmental. BreathCafe™ has actively contributed to my ability to prevent developing unhealthy breathing habits in the context of COVID-19 realities.

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