BreathCafe's Team

Our Breathwork Facilitators come from all walks of life and backgrounds. They bring a wonderful sense of diversity to the BreathCafe™ sessions and this is reflected in their styles of teaching, making each session a unique experience.

The Facilitators have been certified by Breathwork Africa and the Global Professional Breath Alliance.


Our Facilitators

Dr Ela Manga

Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr Ela is the founder of Breathwork Africa, an integrative medical doctor, Breathwork Trainer, author, and speaker. Her integrated and conscious approach to wellness, alongside her unique focus on breathwork has been a catalyst for healing and change across all communities and sectors.

Marj Murray

Johannesburg, South Africa

Marj is a Director of Breathwork Africa and qualified Breathwork Practitioner who has a unique gift of working with children. Her background in communication and psychology, and her own life experience affords her insight into the human condition.


Audrey Redmond

Saldanha Bay, South Africa

Audrey uses her background in Physiotherapy, Pilates and Somatics to facilitate re-connection through different breathwork practices. She believes that embodying our breath is the start of our journey to conscious living and utilising life force that offers healing and growth.

Shungu Chirunda

Harare, Zimbabwe

Shungu is an Integral Coach® and Breathwork Practitioner who deeply respects Breath and understands it as connective, supportive and communicative - both as a language and whole being experience that is unique in each individual.

Shungu Chirunda.jpg

Tara Cabion

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tara is an executive at one of South Africa's leading banks, a qualified Executive and Life Coach, and a certified Breathwork Practitioner. She believes that getting into the body and connecting is where the real sustainable transition takes place and  allows for a fuller life.

Anna Koren

Stilbaai, South Africa

Anna believes that breath supports and enhances every single moment and action in life. Her mission is to awaken awareness of the unique breath and guides clients towards living in close companionship with this gift of life. As a peak performer in physical activity, she knows the importance of conscious breathing.

Bhashni Nana.jpg

Bhashni Nana

Johannesburg, South Africa

Bhashni practices transformational Breathwork for those experiencing anxiety, stress, and a struggling mindset. Bhashni's Breathwork sessions are centred on building a strong foundation for the session antendee's personal growth, enabling them to become clear about their purpose, guiding them to unlock their true potential, and actualise the visions and goals they have for themselves.

Simon Kehagias

Johannesburg, South Africa

Simon’s passion around the science of breathwork allows him to bring a pragmatic and grounded approach to his breathwork practice, opening a spectrum of opportunity from focussing on physical performance to guiding one through stressful and anxious moments in life.


Natalie Zeid

Johannesburg, South Africa

Natalie is a lifelong lover and advocate of yoga, breathwork, meditation and energy healing.  Natalie is a registered Yoga instructor with a passion for weaving together movement, breath and inspired poetry into her sessions.  She believes that each individual is unique and possess the ability to heal by coming home to themselves through breathwork, meditation and movement.


Cape Town, South Africa

Gray is a Scuba instructor and freediver. His sessions include elements of his BreathFit program which focuses on breath techniques to build and improve one’s respiratory health and athletic ability. He also runs a Mental Toughness program which blends Breathwork together with mindset resilience training adapted from the world of elite military forces.