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Image by Rob Wicks

Keynote Talks

Signs of a suffocating business are decreased energy levels, less creativity, reduced productivity, and general malaise. Not only does this impact on the individual and the corporate collective, but the bottom line is eventually impacted. The complexities of our current living and working systems are asking that businesses are governed by the rhythms of innovation, action, productivity and to consider the implications of the opposite - burnt out people and a depleted system.

Is your Business Breathing?


This talk explores the idea of what the business of the future looks like, using breath as both a metaphor for a thriving system and practical methodology of capacitating individuals with an accessible tool for self-regulation, agility, creativity, engagement, and communication. 

Burnout to Breathing:

Energy management in the workplace


In addition to the WHOs burnout symptoms of exhaustion, disengagement and reduced productivity, research shows that trauma-based burntout symptoms such as moral injury, cognitive and emotional impairment and eco- anxiety is adding further complexity to the picture of burnout. This talk is a refreshing and empowering approach to burnout through practical cutting-edge energy management practices.

Five Pillars of Resilience

Image by Robert Murray

The stressors of hybrid working environments, global socio economic and political disruption and the repercussion of a global pandemic means that a radical upgrade of our nervous system is required to support our physical and emotional health. In this talk we will explore pillars of both individual and collective resilience - essential skills required to capacitate ourselves for the future. Each of these capacities are practically linked to a particular breathing technique that can be easily integrated into daily living.

Wellness in the Workplace for the 21st century

Image by Amos Lee

In this talk, we will explore the exciting idea of what wellness in the 21st century means. It is an integrative approach that brings together physical, emotional, and mental aspects of health underpinned by breathing and supported by the latest advances in neuroscience, technology, systems thinking and timeless wisdom. We also touch on the idea of corporate being the new community and how isolation leads to depression, anxiety, and disconnection, and how the workplace can now counteract this with creating hubs of interconnectedness.

The above can be offered in-person, online, as a keynote talk, webinar or workshop.

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