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Pursed Lip Breathing (Monday’s BreathCafe session)

This is a wonderful way to facilitate lengthening our exhale. We may find it difficult to let go of our breath when we are feeling stressed or pressured or when we are experiencing shortness of breath due to illness. Extending our exhale into a long and slow breath helps to calm our nervous system and gives us a recovery loop which is needed when we are in Fight or Flight mode.

This technique can be done anywhere and in any position. It requires one to take a breath in through the nose and then release this breath through pursed lips (the position you would get your lips into if you were to blow out a candle). Gently blow out the breath in a slow flow which would make the flame of a candle waver, but not extinguish it. Exhale until you feel the need for your next inhale and observe the next fuller inhale enriched with oxygen and energy.

Repeat 5-10 times or any time you feel anxious or short of breath.

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