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The Compassionate Activist (Book)

'Lucy offers a unique perspective on compassionate activism drawn from her decades of living in Africa … Her work is authentic, heartfelt, and deeply beneficial.'Charlie Morley, Bestselling Author of ‘Dreaming through Darkness’


We are living through a time of environmental and humanitarian disasters, underpinned by a crisis of consciousness. Communities are polarised and people isolated, despite our technological connectivity.

The Compassionate Activist is for changemakers, meditators and activists, offering guidance to transform our wounded world from the inside out. What can we do in the midst of uncertainty and overwhelm? Attend to what is within us and around us, moment-by-moment.

This book is for all who see activism as a relational practice built on an ethic of care. It calls for engagement inspired by love not hate, and the mobilisation of communities through solidarity not separation.

Each chapter of this journey book offers ideas and practices from contemplative science, Buddhist philosophy and evolutionary psychology, to inspire inner reflection and outer action. Mindfulness meditations, engagement challenges and shadow work reflections are introduced to develop skills and insight. Readers are invited to reflect on their successes and struggles, and to take action steps, inspired by wholehearted intentions, to guide their own unique way forward.


Lucy Draper-Clarke is an educator, retreat facilitator and researcher, with a PhD in Mindfulness and Teacher Education. She runs retreats throughout Southern Africa and supervises postgraduate students at Drama for Life, the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg.

The Compassionate Activist (Book)

    • Soft cover
    • 206 pages
    • English
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