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Breathwork Masterclass 30 September

Breathing for health

  • 495 South African rand
  • Online Zoom Session

Service Description

In this Masterclass facilitated by Medical Doctor, Ela Manga, we explore why optimal breathing is the foundation of your health and what you can do to make sure it is. Conscious breathing is far more than a way to ‘calm down’, it is a fundamental pillar of wellbeing, the connection between gut health, heart health and mental health. Through understanding the science of breathing we can understand the true inner workings of the body that we have never been taught and how to access breath as medicine. This month, you will learn: ⁃ how breath influences the system of every system in the body ⁃ The link between breath and inflammation ⁃ How to optimise oxygenation of every cell ⁃ Surprising everyday habits that cause dysfunctional breathing habits ⁃ techniques and practices that will restore breath intelligence and thus optimise your health ⁃ How conscious breathing can optimize your healthy lifestyle ⁃ How breathing can help with everyday niggles such as insomnia and pain Who is this for: ⁃ Anyone who would like to understand their body more holistically ⁃ Those who would like to take back a sense of ownership and control of their health with more knowledge and tools ⁃ Anyone committed to enhancing their quality of life ⁃ Those experiencing health challenges ⁃ Anyone supporting those with health challenges Our monthly Breathwork Masterclass sessions usually happen on the last Saturday of the month from 3.00pm - 5.00pm, Central African Time (GMT+2). Book online and receive the Zoom link via email. Please use the link sent via email to join the Masterclass session on the day. A reminder will be sent the day before the Masterclass. Some housekeeping tips - It is your choice to keep your camera on or off. We request that you mute your microphone unless the space is open for sharing, input, and feedback. Please set up a comfortable space – either on the floor on a yoga mat, on a couch, or even in bed! Have water and an extra blanket near you. Take the hour out for yourself with limited distractions.

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