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Forest Sunrays

Workshops &
Wellness Days

Simple tools to support mental and emotional well-being in the workplace is crucial. We offer tailormade solutions that are geared to create an understanding of the science of breathing, offering practical breathing techniques that can be accessed by anyone in a functional way.

These sessions are relevant for corporates, community organisations, schools, training facilities, SMMEs and special interest groups and are curated to the needs of the organisation or group.

Balance, relaxation, and energy:

3 techniques to get you through the day (and night)


A 60-minute session where techniques are taught to increase energy, bring balance, and support deep relaxation and sleep. The science behind why breathing works is explained and participants will leave with a toolkit of techniques.

Relax and Replenish:

30-minute breath experience


A breathwork experience where participants are guided through a relaxation process using techniques which can then be used at home and work.

Breathing for everyday life


Breathing for everyday life is a 2-hour workshop that introduces participants to three pillars of optimal breathing and practical examples of how one can use the breath effectively in dealing with every-day stress and anxiety. The workshop is particularly useful for team leaders, employees, Human Resources departments and Wellness Champions within organisations. The toolkit of simple and effective practices is based on science and research of functional breathing and using specific breathing techniques to impact physiology. At the end of the workshop, participants are left with a basic understanding of how, when, and why one can use breath to change state of being, and easy to use take-home breathing techniques.

The above can be offered in-person, online, as a keynote talk, webinar or workshop.

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