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Sunrise to Sunset

In this package you will find all the foundational breathing techniques you need to get through a typical day. We have selected the most essential and effective practices to bring calm, focus, centering and energy to your everyday experience of life. These include:

  • 12-minute guided breath awareness practice (audio)
  • 2-minute grounded breath demo (video)
  • 4-minute balanced breath practice (audio)
  • 17-minute non-sleep-deep-rest practice (audio)
  • Grounded breath pocket guide (image)
  • Sunrise to Sunset introduction guide sheet (pdf)

Sunrise to Sunset

  • Downlaodable zipped file containing audios, video, and text.

    Date of recordings: 25 January 2023.

    Total duration: 35 min (3 audios, 1 video)

    File types: MP3, MP4, JPG, PDF

    File size: 150 MB

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